Ek kswap radiator for sale 75 picked up 100 shipped with fan #kswap #parts #honda #acura

Hey I’m interested.

Where are you located?


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so yeah i stumbled on some cool screenshots from imgur last night and i figured it’d be good to post some info? assholes from 4chan are taking people’s information and making fake blogs and using them to harass feminists blogs (like misandry-mermaid) and then the person’s addresses and other info is being exposed online. 

please be more aware and use your judgement on blogs that may be using fake information to hurt people who are 0% involved. 

this is gross and sad and 4chan needs to go like right now

The fact that tumblr is 1000% serious troubles me

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Brandon’s S2K! #jznsn2uphotography #jznsn2u

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@red_rum_x rocking the #brap tank #brap

Not everything goes as planned. There’s been some bs in my personal life lately and I wasn’t feeling positive about life in general. It just seemed like things were constantly going wrong around me. Then I got Facebook and saw a friend of mine shared a post from another person that was his mom posting about how he wasn’t going to come out of a coma and they had decided to pull the plug. That is when I realized that I’m so lucky to be relatively healthy and have some of the best friends and family a person could ask for. I appreciate everyone’s support of me and everything I do. I try to be nice to people because we all have a struggle. Sometimes it’s hard. But in the end it works out. Every single day you are on your feet or awake is a day to be thankful for. #nonsensicaljibberish #keepturningthatmusicboxanddoingthemonkeydance #hustlehustlehustle #jimmyrustling #hashtag #shockerjoe

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